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The Legendary Original Six: Hockey’s Rich History and Fierce Rivalries

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Do you consider yourself a hockey fan? If so, then you’ve probably heard of the Original Six.

These six teams, comprising the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, and Toronto Maple Leafs, are some of the most legendary franchises in the history of the NHL. In this article, we will delve into their rich history and explore what makes them so beloved by fans worldwide.

History and Lore

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the Montreal Canadiens. With an illustrious history dating back to 1909, it’s no wonder that the Canadiens have become synonymous with winning.

They hold the record for the most Stanley Cup victories, with 24 championships under their belt. This winning attitude has made the Canadiens a force to be reckoned with and has solidified their status as a legendary franchise.

Not only is their winning pedigree impressive, but the Canadiens also boast an impressive roster of Hall of Famers. Some of the greatest players in the history of the game have donned the Canadiens’ iconic red, white, and blue jersey.

Names like Maurice Richard, Jean Bliveau, and Guy Lafleur have etched their names into hockey lore with their outstanding performances on the ice. These players have become legends in their own right and have contributed to the rich tapestry of the Canadiens’ history.

Huge population centers

Another reason why the Original Six teams have captured the hearts of fans is their connection to large population centers. Each of these teams is based in a major city, which has allowed them to build a substantial fan base.

For example, the Boston Bruins represent the vibrant city of Boston, which has a passionate and loyal following. Similarly, the Chicago Blackhawks are deeply rooted in the city of Chicago, known for its die-hard sports fans.

Furthermore, many fans have a deep connection with their teams even if they don’t live in the same city. The influence of television and the internet has allowed fans to follow their favorite teams from afar, leading to a large number of transplanted fans across the globe.

So, whether you’re a lifelong resident of a Original Six city or a fan from another part of the world, there is a strong sense of community and shared passion for these teams. Winning Teams/Big Stars

Moving on, let’s shift our focus to some of the winning teams and big stars that have emerged in recent years.

The Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals are two teams that have dominated the NHL in recent years, thanks in large part to the exceptional talents of Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. Crosby, widely regarded as one of the best players of his generation, has led the Penguins to three Stanley Cup victories.

On the other hand, Ovechkin, known for his powerful shot and dynamic playing style, has been the driving force behind the Capitals’ success, including their first-ever Stanley Cup win in 2018. In addition to these established powerhouses, there are also emerging teams that have caught the attention of fans and experts alike.

The Vegas Golden Knights, an expansion team that entered the league in 2017, has quickly risen to become a top Stanley Cup contender. Their rapid success can be attributed to a combination of skilled players, excellent coaching, and a strong team identity.

Meanwhile, the Edmonton Oilers are turning heads thanks to the outstanding play of Connor McDavid, who many believe will be the face of the NHL for years to come. In conclusion, the Original Six teams have captivated hockey fans for generations with their rich history and legendary status.

The Montreal Canadiens, with their winning pedigree and Hall of Famers, have established themselves as the pinnacle of hockey excellence. The connection to large population centers and the presence of transplanted fans have further solidified their fan bases worldwide.

Additionally, we have witnessed the emergence of new powerhouses and stars that are making their mark on the sport. As the NHL continues to evolve, these teams and players will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of hockey and inspire fans for generations to come.


Hockey rivalries have always been a central aspect of the sport, adding intensity and excitement to every game. From the passionate battles between Original Six teams to the heated showdowns between regional rivals, these matchups have a way of bringing out the best, and sometimes the worst, in players and fans.

In this section, we will explore two types of rivalries: those that lead to premium ticket pricing and the fierce regional rivalries that ignite the cities they represent.

Ticket pricing based on rivalries

When it comes to rivalries, certain matchups generate extra buzz and demand among fans. These games, often referred to as “premium games,” feature intense matchups between local rivals or historic foes.

Due to the high demand for tickets, teams often implement dynamic ticket pricing, where prices increase for these highly anticipated matchups. This strategy allows teams to capitalize on the increased demand while also rewarding loyal season ticket holders with discounted rates for less hyped games.

For example, when the Montreal Canadiens face off against the Boston Bruins, there’s an electric atmosphere in the air. Known for their storied history and intense matchups, these two Original Six teams have created a rivalry that spans generations.

As a result, tickets for games between the Canadiens and Bruins often sell out quickly and come at a premium price. Fans are willing to pay extra to witness the intensity and passion that defines these historic matchups.

In addition to the Original Six rivalries, there are also intense rivalries between more recent expansions teams. When the Vegas Golden Knights face off against the San Jose Sharks, for instance, the rivalry is fueled by their recent playoff battles and the bitter taste of defeat.

These matchups are highly anticipated and generate significant demand for tickets. As a result, ticket prices for these games can be higher compared to regular-season matchups against other teams.

Regional rivalries

While rivalries within divisions and conferences are to be expected, there are some regional rivalries that stand out above the rest. One such example is the fierce rivalry between the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers, both representing the province of Alberta in Canada.

The Battle of Alberta, as it is aptly named, ignites passion and pride in both cities. The proximity of the teams and the high stakes nature of their matchups have made this rivalry one of the most intense in the league.

Similarly, the Calgary Flames also have a heated rivalry with the Vancouver Canucks, known as the Battle of British Columbia. The teams’ geographic proximity and the historical context of their matchups have turned this rivalry into a fierce battle for provincial bragging rights.

Whenever these two teams face off, the competition is fierce, and the games are filled with physicality and skill. Another notable regional rivalry is between the Winnipeg Jets and the Calgary Flames.

These teams both hail from the Canadian prairies, and their meetings are often characterized by physical play and hard-fought battles. With a shared history and a deep-rooted passion for the game, these matchups are always eagerly anticipated by fans on both sides.

In conclusion, rivalries are an integral part of the hockey experience. The intense matchups between historic foes, as well as the fierce regional rivalries, continue to captivate fans and inject excitement into the sport.

Premium games between rivals often come with higher ticket prices due to increased demand, rewarding fans with the opportunity to witness these heated battles. Additionally, regional rivalries like the Battle of Alberta and the Battle of British Columbia ignite intense passion and pride within their respective cities.

As a result, these rivalries form an essential fabric of the hockey landscape and ensure that the sport remains thrilling and unforgettable for fans across the globe. In conclusion, the Original Six, winning teams/big stars, and hockey rivalries are all key elements that contribute to the rich tapestry of the NHL.

The Original Six teams, such as the Montreal Canadiens, have a storied history and large fan bases, fueled by their winning pedigree and iconic players. Winning teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals, along with rising stars like Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, bring excitement and inspire fans.

Regional rivalries, such as the Battle of Alberta and the Battle of British Columbia, add intense passion and pride to the sport. The importance of these topics lies in their ability to captivate fans and create memorable moments in hockey history.

As the NHL continues to evolve, these elements will remain essential, shaping the future of the game and ensuring that hockey remains a beloved and thrilling sport for generations to come.

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