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Unforgettable Goal-scoring Feats: From Malone to Berenson and Sittler

Title: Joe Malone: The Scoring Sensation of Early NHLIn the rich history of the National Hockey League (NHL), few players have left an indelible mark quite like Joe Malone. A true scoring maestro, Malone set remarkable records, some of which have stood the test of time.

From his breathtaking seven-goal performance in a single game to his numerous scoring titles and Stanley Cup triumphs, Malone’s achievements are legendary. Join us on a journey through the remarkable career of Joe Malone and discover how he revolutionized the game of hockey.

1. Joe Malone’s Record of 7 Goals:

1.1 Joe Malone, the Quebec Bulldogs, and a Night of Glory:

Back in the early days of the NHL, when the sport was still evolving, Joe Malone stamped his authority on the league.

Playing for the Quebec Bulldogs, Malone etched his name into the record books during a fateful game in 1920. With incredible skill and sheer determination, Malone scored an astonishing seven goals in a single game, a feat that remains unmatched to this very day.

1.2 Factors Contributing to Malone’s Record:

Malone’s record-breaking performance was a product of the unique conditions that prevailed in the early NHL era. Stickhandling was an art form for him, as he weaved his way past opponents with skill and precision.

In an era of end-to-end rushes and limited passing, Malone’s individual brilliance shone bright. Moreover, the standard of goaltending and the dynamic of a 10-player per team format played a role in creating the space and opportunities for Malone to showcase his scoring prowess.

2. Joe Malone’s Records and Achievements:

2.1 Malone’s Scoring Records:

Malone’s ability to find the back of the net went far beyond just one remarkable game.

His goal-scoring exploits were consistent throughout his career. With an incredible average of 1.33 goals per game, Malone holds the highest goal per game average in NHL history.

Additionally, Malone dominated the league in terms of individual performances, holding the records for most games with 5 or more goals and being the fastest player to score 100 career goals. 2.2 Overall Career and Achievements:

Beyond the records, Malone’s career was defined by his numerous scoring titles and remarkable team success.

He captured four consecutive NHL scoring titles from 1917 to 1920, showcasing his incredible consistency. Malone’s skill and leadership played a pivotal role in helping the Quebec Bulldogs win two Stanley Cups in 1912 and 1913.

His stellar contributions to the sport earned him a well-deserved place in the Hockey Hall of Fame. In conclusion, Joe Malone’s impact on the NHL cannot be understated.

His seven-goal game stands as an unassailable record, a testament to his sheer brilliance on the ice. From his trailblazing performances to his undeniable legacy, Malone’s achievements have left an indelible mark on the history of hockey.

As we celebrate the modern-day scoring feats, let us never forget the man who set the standards all those years ago. Joe Malone: A pioneer in the art of scoring goals and a true legend of the game.

Title: Chasing Greatness: Unforgettable Goal-scoring Feats in the Modern NHLIn the annals of the National Hockey League (NHL), Joe Malone’s seven-goal game during the early years remains an unattainable benchmark. However, that does not mean modern hockey hasn’t seen its fair share of incredible goal-scoring performances.

From Red Berenson’s six-goal spectacle to Darryl Sittler’s historic 10-point masterpiece, let us explore these remarkable games and ponder the likelihood of any player surpassing Malone’s illustrious record. 3.

Red Berenson’s 6-Goal Game:

3.1 Red Berenson, the St. Louis Blues, and a Night of Brilliance:

While Joe Malone’s record may have remained intact, Red Berenson etched his name in the history books with a mesmerizing six-goal game in 1968. Wearing the St. Louis Blues jersey, Berenson dazzled the Philadelphia Flyers, leaving them in awe of his remarkable offensive ability.

Though one goal shy of Malone’s record, Berenson’s feat is a testament to the incredible talent that has graced the NHL over the years. 3.2 Darryl Sittler’s 6-Goal, 10-Point Game:

In 1976, Darryl Sittler, wearing the Toronto Maple Leafs sweater, showcased his unrivaled brilliance by achieving a seemingly impossible feat.

Sittler netted six goals and added four assists, amassing an unprecedented 10 points in a single game against the Boston Bruins. This mind-boggling performance remains the most points recorded in a game in NHL history, cementing Sittler’s place among the elite.

4. Likelihood of Breaking Malone’s Record:

4.1 Historical 5-Goal Games and Rarity:

While Malone’s record remains untouchable, a handful of players have come tantalizingly close.

Hockey legends such as Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Mats Sundin, Jari Kurri, and Bryan Trottier have etched their names in the record books with five-goal games. However, these exceptional performances have been few and far between, emphasizing the rarity and difficulty of such achievements.

4.2 Unlikelihood of Breaking Malone’s Record:

As the game has evolved, the chances of a player surpassing Malone’s record have become increasingly slim. Today’s NHL is marked by tight-checking defenses, stellar goaltending, and a greater emphasis on balanced play.

Low-scoring games have become the norm, making it exceedingly difficult for any player to score at such a prolific rate. While individual brilliance occasionally shines through, the near-impossibility of breaking Malone’s record looms large.


As we marvel at the incredible goal-scoring feats witnessed in the modern NHL, Joe Malone’s record of seven goals in a single game stands as a testament to his extraordinary ability. While players like Red Berenson and Darryl Sittler have come close, the unique circumstances surrounding Malone’s era contribute to the unlikelihood of this record ever being broken.

Nonetheless, the remarkable performances of these players continue to captivate hockey fans, reminding us of the sheer greatness that has graced our beloved sport. In the pursuit and celebration of greatness, let us cherish these unforgettable goal-scoring achievements and appreciate the legacy left behind by the extraordinary individuals who have graced the NHL ice.

In conclusion, the remarkable goal-scoring performances in the NHL, from Joe Malone’s history-making seven-goal game to Red Berenson and Darryl Sittler’s awe-inspiring displays, serve as a testament to the extraordinary talent that has graced the league over the years. While breaking Malone’s record seems near-impossible in today’s tightly contested and low-scoring games, the legacy of these remarkable achievements reminds us of the greatness that can unfold on the ice.

As we celebrate the pursuit of individual excellence, let us cherish these extraordinary goal-scoring feasts, forever etched in the history of the sport, as a constant reminder of the heights that can be attained through skill, determination, and the will to surpass all expectations.

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